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An episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself with guest Paul F. Tompkins. Dave and Graham from Stop Podcasting Yourself will be joining us for MaxFunCon 2011.

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Marc Maron performing standup at MaxFunCon 2010.

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Al Madrigal performing standup at MaxFunCon 2010.

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The hilarious Maria Bamford performing standup at MaxFunCon 2010.

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Jad Abumrad gives the MaxFunCon audience some insight into how Radiolab is made. Jad explains some of the behind-the-scenes techniques used to make the information presented on his radio program sound like music.

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Tickets go on sale Black Friday at

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Tickets for MaxFunCon 2011 will go on sale on Black Friday, November 26th.

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Ep. 14: Julia Crookston

Chef Julia Crookston will be our in-house cooking instructor at MaxFunCon, and she'll be helping us make delicious zucchini pickles in her workshop. Her cooking tip for today: experiment with making your own salad dressing. It's easier than you think.

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Sketch group Elephant Larry offers this take on pre-movie entertainment.

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Ep. 12: Keep Moving

This week's podcast features Jesse's recent conversation with Merlin Mann about his forthcoming book Inbox Zero, the difference between thinking and doing, distractibility, and perceived barriers to doing work. In other words, how (and why) you should just keep moving.

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Ep. 11: Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann shared his thoughts on creativity and producing creative work in a very popular talk at last year's MaxFunCon.

Maybe you couldn't make it in 2009. Well, you lucky duck, Merlin will be joining us again this year. In anticipation of next week's podcast, in which Jesse will be talking to him about his upcoming book, we're sharing the advice he gave at MaxFunCon 2009.

Merlin is great at breaking down the process of making art, or writing, or however you choose to be awesome and helping you think clearly about how you can stop stalling and just get started. So what are you waiting for?

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Ep. 10: John Hodgman in Conversation with Merlin Mann

A few months ago, MaxFunster Merlin Mann (of 43 Folders and You Look Nice Today fame) conducted a live interview with MaxFunster John Hodgman (of Daily Show and Areas of My Expertise fame). Enjoy the conversation betwixt the two.

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Ep. 9: Andrew WK at WNYC

We guarantee the always epic Andrew WK will be ready to motivate and inspire you again at this year's MaxFunCon. Need to get pumped up now? Take a listen to his live interview and performance on an episode of The Sound of Young America taped at WNYC.

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Ep. 8: Al Madrigal - The Man of 81 Voices

Al Madrigal is a super guy. He's hilarious is for one: You've probably seen him on Conan or on Craig Ferguson, he is Jury Award winner for Best Stand-Up Comedian at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival.
We've actually known Al since our college radio show days... and even then he was always helpful, friendly and all-around awesome. And that is the kind of folks we want to surround ourselves with at MaxFunCon. He was recently a guest on Jordan, Jesse Go! -here's a sneak of his standup as "Smiling Al Madrigal" will be joining at MaxfunCon.

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Ep. 7: Jonathan Coulton Jonathan Coulton returns to perform at MaxFunCon after touring his new DVD/CD combo of live performances, it's called: BEST. CONCERT. EVER. If you've never heard his songs before then seriously: get ready to have a new favorite person in your life.
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Ep. 6: Maria Bamford
The Bammer will be returning to MaxFunCon this year, but not only to perform: She will also be leading a standup comedy open-mic for comedians of all levels of skill, so if you've always wanted to give standup comedy a try- now's your chance!
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Ep. 5: Marc Maron
Marc Maron is one of our headliners at MaxFunCon 2010 and one of our favorite comedians ever. His very own podcast, WTF, remains the top ten on iTunes popularity because yeah: he is that good.
Here he is with Janeane Garofalo, an old friend & partner in crime in the alternative comedy scene of the 90's.
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Ep. 4: A Whitman's Sampler of Hilariousness Some comedy from our pals Elephant Larry, Kasper Hauser and Clifford & Kidd. Catch them all at MaxFunCon 2010.
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A live recording of Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny from MaxFunCon 2009, with guest Maria Bamford.
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Ep. 2: John Hodgman From MaxFunCon 2009, Jonathan Coulton introduces keynote speaker: John Hodgman.
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Ep. 1: Hard & Phirm From MaxFunCon 2009, a live performance by the hilarious Hard N Phirm.
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